What causes broken family?


Too many arguments that might lead to divorce and the parents divide their children. But I believe its mostly cause by drugs or money. Too much money leads to arguments and greediness which causes to forget about love and divorce. Too poor leads to depression and arguments and feels like they have to split up and start over. Drugs messes with someones head and they mostly die or the family leaves that person behind for the cause of the children’s growing. But its not all parents, some teenagers runs away from home, of course, with their own reasoning. Some parent’s children die and it causes them to split. For the cause of the child’s growing, they divorce and find some place else . Or sometimes, its work. Not working too much or a workaholic may lead up for a broken family. Or if someone dies, then of course they’re broken inside the most.

They all have one thing in common, they’re all examples of breaking, ignoring, or ignorance of the basic rules for a good marriage: Trust, communication, common goals, and realistic expectations.

I do believe that most people have some understanding of these rules but unrealistic beliefs about marriage or an unrealistic image of their partner are their biggest pitfalls. When people get married with illusionary images, they end up disappointed, blaming the partner, or settling for less than these attributes, then the relationship starts to crumble and it’s almost impossible to go back and apply the rules.

In poorer countries gives way to child prostitution that is a known fact. Many people travel to these foreign countries for the purposes of avoiding laws in their country of residence commonly known as child sex tourism. Very many young children who run away from abusive and broken families, then unfortunately run into the hands of low life child traffickers who know exactly what to look for, sad but true. Not all children from such families fall into this way of life, but it is can often be the road to such a terrible life.

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